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Dorothy is a kind and gentle therapist. I felt so safe exploring my traumatic past with her, and the way she was able to release my pain was truly magical. Dorothy was extremely understanding, but she also skillfully challenged my old ways of thinking to transform me from the inside out.

After 1st session:
I felt more exhausted for the first week. Feeling a bit better now. I think my body was processing. So I'm being kind to my body and resting when I can. So I'm doing practical things like I don't eat dairy or sugar or gluten. I've delegated a large chunk of household chores. I've set boundaries around my emotions more. I've spoken to my boss about priorities and said no to some things. Etc. It's not to give up on healing and getting energy back. It's to give my body a break so it gets a chance to rest and heal.
I'm nervous about over extending myself... But I'm definitely feeling a step change in my energy.
Dorothy Drew Comments:

Chronic conditions have an emotional component that interacts with an environmental trigger.   Her RTT session explored the root cause of her body being in so much pain.   Her understanding of why and how events from the past connect to her illness help her to let go of those chains.

Visualization focused on the pain leaving her body.   One idea that was used in one of her sessions was for the pain to rise out of her body and be captured by a black hole ball that actively absorbs all her pain and then is shot off in a rocket to the sun to be annihilated.  In her imagination, as she made an inventory of her body, she stated she could 'see' the pain rising out of her body like a fog off a pond and being captured by the black hole ball.

Keywords: Pain; Chronic Illness; CFS; Chronic Fatigue Syndrome; Myalgic encephalomyelitis (UK term); ME
"I have some great news to share about my new book! It has been sold to [another country] and the sales are - like you say in my meditation - sky rocketing. HOW incredible is that??
Dorothy Drew Comments:
This client came to me for a physical issue. Since she's an author she wanted affirmations about her success with her books included in her personalised recording. I added in phrases about her creativity and that her readers would connect with her books and tell everyone they knew to buy her books. I also added in that publishers would want to translate her books -- so it's fantastic that she has sold her book in another country in another language.

Keywords: Creativity; Success
One week after 1st session: "I feel wonderful, sometimes emotional, but stronger and more in touch with myself than ever"

Three weeks after 1st session: "I feel like my body, my brain and my soul is one for the first time since I can remember; like I'm a whole being rather than separate parts, all with separate goals and values. No wonder I have felt confused and "broken" 

"A couple of days before my period I told my body; I'm ready to let go of the fear, I am ready to accept a normal period. And then it happened!"

After 2nd session:

"I am forever grateful to you, Dorothy, you just have NO idea how muchI appreciate you, your work and your compassion. You have helped me more during our sessions than years and years of CBT. You are a star! "
"Based on the success I've had with the you I would love to do more of that on my body issues,"
Dorothy Drew Comments:

This client was diagnosed with osteoporosis at 37 yo. She injured her back at 17 yo and spent several months in bed. She was so upset when her body "ballooned up" and was "out of control" that she imagined taking a knife to cut off the excess fat. She believed being fat made her unlovable so she stopped eating. She was hospitalized for anorexia and for many years her periods stopped. That hormone imbalance contributed to her bone loss.

Her first session helped her understand the root causes of WHAT happened. Her 2nd session let her explore in detail the WHY of what happened. She had a powerful scene where she was the observer of her teen self and could both observe and FEEL those emotions.

Her period was proof that her body was moving towards wellness.

It was powerful realizing that the change in body size was too fast to be the result of food. A healthy, athletic teen does not change so much, especially when not eating a lot. She was on strong pain medication at thre time, which can have a side-effect of water retention. Fat is softer then muscle but not as soft as a "balloon" (her word to describe herself). Retained water COULD be described that way.

Understanding the body changes were NOT a result of anything she did helped her completely change the way she thought of herself.

Keywords: Anorexia; Osteoporosis; Amenorrhea; repressed anger
I asked Dorothy if she could help me with my golf game.  My question was in the nature of a joke.  Her answer was very serious.  She said she absolutely could help me with my golf game and essentially challenged me to make her prove it.  So, despite my immense skepticism, I did so.  
Dorothy gave me an RTT session and I did my best to cooperate with her both during the session and by listening to the recording diligently following the session.  The results have been fascinating.  My golf game is as good as it has ever been.  I’m well aware of the improvement and my golfing buddies have noticed it.  
In addition, my expectations are higher.  Whenever I’m about to make a shot, I’m much more confident that I will get a good result.  And, at the end of the day, when you feel better and play better you have much more fun.  I will not be joining the professional golf tour any time soon, but the truth is that my game is in a much better place than ever before and I’m now convinced that Dorothy deserves a fair share of the credit for that.
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Dorothy Drew Comments:
I personally know nothing about golf, so he gave me a long list of improvements he wanted in his game. Such as "reading the green"; "being in the zone"; "completely focused when I take a swing"; "the ball will go exactly where I want it to go".

Then I guided him into a deep relaxation and read back his own words; then I read the list again changing the phrases a bit. The mind learns by repetition and a person's own words in an affirmation meditation recording are more powerful than someone else's words.

Most professional sports teams now have a hypnotherapist as part of their support goup.
You can sometimes see professional athletes doing self-hypnosis before their sport. Such as a high jumper focusing their mind with an eye roll (part of a way to change brain waves) just before running to the bar.

The power of "mental training" was described by Novak Djokovic - Silencing The Crowd | The Mental Giant -
One great comment he has is that he "transmutes" the energy of the crowd -- "when they chant Roger I hear Novak".

Learning such techniques in deep relaxation is powerful and then carries over to real life.

Keywords: Golf; Sports; Mental Training; Motivation; Performance
"I approached Dorothy after researching long and hard for someone that could help with the extreme grief I was suffering from.  I knew that I did not want a grief counsellor or any other talk therapy. I wanted to know what was wrong with me and a solution.
At the time of making contact, I had a list of four possible things that were bothering me apart from grief.  I was not sure how Dorothy would handle the session as I myself was unsure whether it was grief, confusion or lack of fulfillment or none of the above.
Dorothy was very gentle in her approach and listened to all that I had to pour out.  She tactfully made me aware of something I was suffering from which was not known to me, and as the session progressed, it became obvious that the grief was related to this other issue which was the cause of the anger, hurt, grief and pain.
I feel very lucky to have found Dorothy as she skillfully got me to realise all the reasons for the grief and anger and guided me towards a deeper understanding of the pain I had carried with me and finally the release.
I cannot recommend Dorothy highly enough to anyone suffering from any type of emotional pain.  She has the most soothing voice and a very gentle way of explaining reality.  If this resonates with you, please contact her, and invest in yourself.  Thank you Dorothy.  Much love"
Dorothy Drew Comments:
Deep emotional pain is often connected with physical pain.
So clients often start their session with a long list of issues.
During deep relaxation a person can focus on the "why" behind their pain. Understanding "why" on an emotional level makes it possible to move forward and release that pain.
The memories do not change - only the reaction to those memories.
Which then allows someone to let go of the pain.
Other issues, such as the physical pain, that are connected to the same root cause, then can also be released.
Another client I worked with for grief found all her sinus allergy symptoms disappeared when she understood and released her grief. Her chronic sinus inflammation was part of her physical reaction to grief.

Keywords: grief; sadness; repressed anger
I went to see Dorothy in London Ontario. I was at a point, due to a hip accident, that recovery had plateaued. All the various physical therapies I was receiving were good, but these treatments were only going so far on the scale recovering.
My wife suggested trying Hypno-Therapy which was totally a new experience for me. At that point the strain of the recovery process was bearable but at the same time very strenuous.
Dorothy's calming sessions helped me enormously by installing positive reinforcements that were specific to my concern and my condition. Dorothy is a true empath - one who has an uncanny sense of what is happening in other experiences, and will go to great lengths to do additional research to help a person over come conditions.
I would recommend Dorothy as a truly caring professional without reservation.
Dorothy Drew Comments:
This client fell on the ice about 18 months before I saw him. He cracked his pelvis and had extensive surgery. Given the severity of his injury walking was painful.
During his session grief about the loss of his beloved Grandmother was released. While this repressed emotion did not directly affect his injury, research suggests repressed emotions can influence the immune system.
His healing visualisation recording emphasised his joints having perfect cartilage, perfect fluid levels, full mobility and for scar tissue to soften.
Immediately after the in-person session, he was able to walk easily. His joy of "there's no pain!" was amazing.
A few days after his session, he said the chiropractor commented "something's changed" -- the relaxation of muscles and ligaments allowed him to progress further with other treatments.
Even 6 months after his session, he still listened to his recording. If he stopped, the pain when walking would start to return. He commented that he'd rather listen to a 20-minute recording than take pain meds and suffer side effects.
Eventually he won't need the recording, but recovery of physical damage takes time.

Keywords: Physical injury; Mobility; Grief
Video Testimonial for an Autoimmune Skin Issue -
Dorothy Drew Comments:
Understanding both HOW and WHY emotional pain from the past (root cause) affects today is essential to ending those connections. Autoimmune issues usually take 2 session (60 day package) to resolve.
Your skin is your barrier to protect your body from the world. Healing visualisations help your skin to repair and regenerate. Studies with radioactive labels in the 1950s showed that every atom in our body is replaced in about a year. Skin is completely new in about 30 days.
So visualisation of damaged cells being replaced by youthful, perfect cells guides the body to transform after the emotional blocks to healing are ended.
Keywords: Autoimmune; Skin
Dorothy is an incredible Rapid Transformational Therapist! I highly recommend her to anyone, especially physical conditions as she is phenomenal at these ailments. She is always on hand for amazing advice & guides the RTT world with exceptional life-changing information & guidance. Thank you Dorothy as you really do make a difference.

- Warmest of wishes Vicky Spencer-Kibble. RTTP
Dorothy Drew Comments:

I'm grateful for the personal healing I've experienced with RTT and I'm delighted to work with other RTTers (sometimes it's difficult to stay focused on the session - it's so nice to chat with colleagues about RTT)
I have posted regular comments on the RTT Alumni FB group and have added scripts to the RTT Shared Files module in the training course.
I'm Canadian and help facilitate connections among Canadian RTTers.
I offer a discount to other RTTers for a session.
If someone is interested in training with Marisa, I offer a free session after you start the course, in return for a referral.
This process begins with you.
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