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Dorothy Drew

My life experiences enhance my skills and training to help you.

It takes about 15 minutes to learn how to hypnotise someone.  It takes hundreds of hours to learn how to help someone connect to their subconscious mind and understand the root cause of an issue and to end it.   I have put in the training hours, but I have also learned so much more from each and every client I have worked with.  I have worked with several hundred clients on a wide variety of issues.

As a former Research Librarian, I helped researchers and graduate students find and use information in databases; Now I help people find the root causes of their issues and problems in their mind. I then help them use this awareness to help them transform their life.

I am a qualified Rapid Transformational Therapist (RTT®) and a Certified Clinical Hypnotist. I am working on a certificate in Medical Hypnotherapy.
I trained in-person with Marisa Peer. 
I provide a certified healing hypnosis service in person in London, Ontario & online worldwide.  Online sessions are as effective as those in person. Sessions held online allow you to be in the safety of your own home,

I have been trained by the best.  RTT ® uses the deep relaxation of hypnosis as a platform for the tools developed by Marisa Peer to help you understand the cause of emotional issues and change your mindset (your attitude) on how you interpret your past, to improve your life today.   Pain caused by physical issues can be reduced using techniques she developed
Chronic physical pain often has an emotional component that can interfere with deep, helaing sleep. Our body can only heal during the essential sleep paralysis of deep sleep. Hypnosis recordings help people attain this healing sleep.


I learned about RTT when a friend suggested I look at a video on Youtube where Marisa Peer cured a young woman with cerebral palsy during a live RTT training class.  Since my adult son has been disabled since birth with CP, I was intrigued, and arranged a session for him with an RTT therapist who lives in Germany. [See video “Marisa Peer Live Class, Angie Command Cell Therapy" ]
I was so amazed at the results for my son, that I decide I wanted to learn how to do RTT.  Since completing a live training course with Marisa Peer, I’m excited and passionate about RTT.
I've experienced the healing results for myself. I've seen the results for my clients.

RTT ® is endorsed by

The General Hypnotherapy Register

The Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council

The National and International Council of Psychotherapists

The RTT® school is in negotiations with the UK National Health Services to provide frontline workers with sessions for anxiety.
Their FAST ® (Find a Specialist Therapist) service also collects data to be evaluated for efficacy to be included as a treatment modality. I am part of that project, with a specialty in anxiety, depression and physical issues (including gut issues, menstrual issues, asthma; joint issues and cancer. My work helps clients reduce pain.

  • Hon. B.Sc.  (genetics; physiology) University of Western Ontario (now Western University)
  • M.L.S.  University of Western Ontario
  • Clinical Hypnotist ;
    Rapid Transformational Therapy –  The Marisa Peer School
  • Trained as a childbirth doula
Additional Qualifications
  • I receive Continuing Professional Development through the Marisa Peer School.
    I maintain Professional Liability insurance.

    I am on the Marisa Peer Therapy Services - Find a Specialist Therapist (FAST) and have proven success helping people with physical issues.

This process begins with you.
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